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Here are some basic FAQ's to help you decide if hair extensions are right for you!

  • Will Hair Extensions damage my hair?​​
    • ​NO!!  Styles by Chris offers several different methods of hair extensions, which most will not put any damage to your hair as long as you take good care of your hair and the extensions hair, while making sure that you don't go too long between adjustments/ appointments to keep the hair in the best shape. See the methods used to get an idea on how long to go between maintenance visits.​

  • How much will hair extensions cost?
    • Hair extensions vary in price due to desired length, thickness, colors, and texture. Every head of hair is totally customized per person. The longer the length and the more the thickness with color variations really can make the cost go up since Styles by Chris uses on the best 100% remy human hair in a variety of lengths and textures. Since Chris custom orders each clients hair extensions, a consultation needs to be done first. The first visit will be the most since you will need to buy hair. Most methods the hair can be reused, but when it comes to keratin bond the hair can not be. Some companies will say you can try to reuse the hair, but from past experiences it has been noted that the hair doesn't last as long or look as good when reused. Typically your first service for a full head of extensions can start out around $800 and up.

  • Can I get extensions done without a consultation?
    • ​​NO!!! Since Chris custom orders hair for each of her clients, a consultation needs to be made before any new hair extension service, or hair extension client to make sure that Chris can meet your needs and has the allotted time needed to do the service correctly.​​

  • How much is a hair extension consultation?
    • ​​Styles by Chris charges $50 for a hair extension consultation to help cover the time dedicated to answer your questions and help decide the best method and type of hair for you. The $50 is waived at the time of the consultation if hair is ordered on the day of the consultation, or is applied to the installation if you decide to wait to order the hair. Please note that pre-consultatins are performed to any potential new hair extension client before the actual hair extension consultation.

  • How long do hair extensions last? 
    • Since each method requires different times for adjustment/ replacement check out the methods used to see how long each of the types of bonds last.

  • How do you color match the hair extensions to my own hair?
    • ​During the consultation, a color swatch finder is used to make sure it matches your current hair, if you are looking for a color change, Chris can help color your hair to your desired color then make sure to custom order the color(s) that match the hair you are looking to have. Chris' clients are always amazed on how well the extensions match their own hair that they can't tell which hairs are the extensions, and which are their own natural hair.

  • Will hair extensions hurt?
    • ​Some people might feel a little adjustment period the first few days of having hair extensions, but the bonds should not hurt you, if they have been properly applied and maintained. Those that have a overly sensitive head should not consider getting hair extensions.

  • How long does it take the hair to come in once I order it?
    • Typically Chris can get the hair within 1 week, or overnight for an additional cost, however, sometimes hair like the Evolve Volumizer can take up to 4-6 weeks for custom pieces.

  • ​How am I able to style of my hair extensions?
    • ​You are able to style your extensions as you would your natural hair when it comes to using curling/ flat irons, blowdryers, wearing your hair up (but don't recommend doing a messy bun since it can cause tangling between the bonds), however, there are a few adjustments you will need to do to make sure there isn't any slipping of the bonds. Also, I always do recommend using a heat protection to keep your extension hair in the best possible shape.

  • Do I have to use any special products in my hair?
    • ​​Yes!! Since hair extensions aren't growing from your head it doesn't get the nourishment from the follicle and will require using a sulfate free and sodium chloride free shampoo and conditioner. Over the counter products like these can dry out the hair with the amount of alcohol used in them, so Chris can help you make the best choice in shampoos, conditioners and styling products to keep your hair in the best condition to even get your natural hair to get in even better condition. Also, Chris will talk to you about the best type of brush to use on your extensions to make sure you don't have any problems with tangling/ knotting which can cause problems at the time of removal/ adjustment. Keeping your hair in the best possible shape will also help keep cost down, since detangling does take extra time to take out. ​​

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