Hello! My name is Christine, or "Chris" Carpenter. I am very passionate hairstylist, always trying to learn the latest trends and styles of hair. I go far beyond the requirements of the state of Ohio to maintain my license. I've traveled to other parts of the US to discover some of the products and trends in those areas to make me a well-rounded hairstylist.

Since growing up with a family of fine/ thin/ thinning hair, I made it a goal to learn if there was anything I could do to make my own look thicker and hopefully never fall out. As I've done more and more research on the causes of thin hair, I realize some of the reasons why I have the hair I do. I like educating my clients when I see them experiencing some of the same things my hair was going through, before it's too late. I show them ways to style their hair, and give them cuts that will make it look thicker and fuller until their hair is ready for a little something more.

One of the ways I started making my hair appear a little thicker was by coloring my hair, plus I hated how dark I was getting. When I was little, I had very beautiful blonde hair. Like a lot of kids, when I got a little older, my hair started turning darker and I didn't like the way it looked. Next thing you know, my mom let me color my hair at the age of 12. I learned what colors looked good and which ones didn't. When I went to cosmetology school, I really made sure to learn how to make sure my blonde wouldn't get brassy, or too grey looking. During beauty school, I even tried my hair to going red for a while. I felt it was a nice change, but didn't fit my personality. So back to blonde I went.

When smoothing treatments came out, I made sure to learn about them. I found the products with little aldehydes, if any, and started doing these on my clients with coarse, curly hair. Some of my clients with the finer thinner hair hated the frizziness in their hair and asked to get it done. These treatments not only took care of the frizziness, but gave them more body to their hair, while feeling nice and silky. I knew I had something even better than I thought when I started seeing the hair growing in stronger with these treatments.

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After realizing not everyone was born with hair that can get long or thick, I wanted to find a way to make it appear as if they have always had it, and without damaging their hair. That is when I decided to learn about hair extensions. I had seen some of my co-workers doing them but I didn't want to start something and find out it was bad for their hair. That is, when I started doing my research, and wouldn't pick up doing them for close to 8 years, when I felt I was ready with enough education to help my clients if and when they would have questions.

Chris lives in Lewis Center with her husband and 3 yorkies.

When you are ready to make the move of improving your hair in some way, I'd love to help! Either give me a call, email me, or book online with me! Let me know what I can do for you!

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